Where Can You Play the Lego "Mixels" Game?

The Lego "Mixels" game is available as a downloadable app through Apple's App Store or through the Google Play store. "Mixels" mini games, such as "Mixels Rush" and "Mixels Mania," are available online at the official Lego Mixels website.

The "Mixels" games, created by Lego and the Cartoon Network, feature a mix of action and tower defense games. Players can combine Mixels, find and combine items, explore different lands, and complete quests. Game codes from "Mixels" building instructions are available for obtaining more in game rewards. As of June 2015, the game requires an iPad 2, iPhone 4s, iPod Touch from the fifth generation or higher, or an Android device with OS 4.0 and 1 gigahertz dual-core with 512 megabytes of RAM to play.

In “Mixels Mania,” players have 12 rounds to earn as many points as possible. There are two ways to earn points. The first way is to select two Mixels and spin the wheel in the middle of the game window. The points that result are completely random. The second way to earn points is to click on as many Nixels as possible during the Nixel Knockout mini-game. Players can see their overall scores in the top-left corner of the game window.

To earn the most points, players must continuously click on Nixels during the mini-game to build up the super points meter. Once they power up the meter completely, players earn five times the amount of points for successfully taking down Nixels. This allows them to quickly increase their rank.

There are nine groups of Mixels from which to choose, and players can change between groups of Mixels by clicking on the arrows underneath the Mixel selection area. Players can also mix the different groups together.