How Can You Play Free "Jurassic Park" Games?


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"Jurassic Park" games can be played online free on various websites. Some websites offer emulators that allow visitors to play official "Jurassic Park" games on their Internet browsers without having to download anything. Other sites offer unofficial Flash-based "Jurassic Park" games.

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One example of an unofficial Flash game is “Jurassic Park Realm.” This is a puzzle game in which the player clicks on three or more of the same items to make them collapse. If the collapsed pieces are next to a stone block, the stone block breaks down. The goal is to break all of the stone blocks on each level. Each item is assigned a different point value. Players can get a multiplier by collapsing large groups of the same item.

Other sites allow users to play official games that were released on systems such as the Nintendo Game Boy or the Nintendo Entertainment System via online emulators. “Jurassic Park” was released for both systems as a top-down action game. While both games offered the same look and feel, the Game Boy version had fewer levels than its NES counterpart.

In “Jurassic Park” for Game Boy and the NES, players take control of Dr. Alan Grant as he works his way through multiple levels by completing different objectives. The objectives vary from collecting dinosaur eggs to rescuing people.

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