How Can You Play the Game "Return Man 2"?


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Gamers can play “Return Man 2” on the official ESPN Arcade website for free as of 2015. Players don't have to create accounts to play the game, but they need accounts to enter their scores on the ESPN Arcade leader board.

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“Return Man 2” gives gamers a chance to play as a return man during a football game. The goal is to catch the ball and run it to the end zone without being tackled. Getting tackled before making it to the end zone results in the player having repeat the level. The game places power-ups on the field that players can grab to give themselves a speed boost.

Players get four possessions, and at the end of every level, they get a score based on the yards ran, the number of power-ups collected and any touchdowns scored. Completing enough levels grants access to the next stage.

Gamers control the game with a computer keyboard. The I, J, K and L keys make the return man move. Alternatively, the arrow keys control the character's movement. Players can also mute the game with the M key. As they progress in the game, they unlock special moves. The A key makes the kick returner spin, the S key gives him a speed boost, and the D key makes him do a front flip.

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