How Can You Play "Flood Runner 3" for Free?


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Gamers can play “Flood Runner 3” for free on arcade websites such as Kongregate.com. In this Flash game, players control the on-screen character using either the up arrow key on a computer keyboard or the left button on a computer mouse.

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In “Flood Runner 3,” pressing the up arrow key or clicking the left mouse button makes the on-screen character jump. Pressing either input again makes the character do a double jump. If the player presses the key or button after the second jump and holds it down, the character glides.

There is no end to “Flood Runner 3.” The goal is to run as long as possible without dying to get a high score. Players die if the health bar reaches zero or if they fall into the water or lava. They can pick up Life Savers along the way to bring them back to life if they die.

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