How Can You Play Family Feud Online?

To play Family Feud online, visit the MSN Games website. The Game Show Network website also provides an online version of Family Feud, as does All three websites offer free game access, but you may need to watch advertisements to continue playing.

MSN Games and provide a free online version and a full-feature download. After the initial free trial, you must pay to use the downloaded version. MSN Games also offers a free game tutorial to teach first-time users how to play. The Game Show Network requires you to create a free GSN account before playing Family Feud online.

The television version of "Family Feud" involves two different teams, each of which is from the same family, competing to guess the most popular answers from an open-ended survey. For example, one survey question may ask what a person does at the breakfast table other than eat. To score points, provide the answers that you think are most popular. The game features a box into which you type your answer, and it gives you the option to submit the answer by either clicking the Submit button or hitting the Enter key. If the answer is correct, which means that the phrase matches one on the board, you earn points equal to the number of people that gave that answer.

The game does not require an exact match, and it instead only looks for a match in the major words. This means that if you enter an answer of "read" and one of the answers is "read the paper," the game counts it as a match. Incorrect answers earn a strike, and receiving three strikes ends the section.