Where Can I Play "Duel Masters" Online?

Players can play the game “Duel Masters” on sites like Kaijudo or Addicting Games. On the Addicting Games site, players have to wait for the opening cinematic on the site to finish, and they can then press “Play Now” to start a game. The official Kaijudo site requires a log in before players can start.

The official Kaijudo website allows players to register their names and then play with virtual cards. They use these virtual cards to create virtual decks of creatures that they then use to battle each other online. The Addicting Games site has a tutorial that teaches new players how to play the game. The game “Duel Masters” is actually a card game that people are able to play in real life as well as online on the proper sites. The game starts with handing out three cards. The player then has to click on a “battler” to use. After clicking on a qualifying card, the player then clicks “Summon” to bring the card into play. The game play then goes back and forth comparing the attack power of each summoned creature. Whichever player has less attack power is then able to draw more cards which include more creatures that add total attack power. Whoever has the most attack power at the end wins.