How Can You Play Clumsy Ninja Online?


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As of 2015, the game "Clumsy Ninja" is only available to play on Android and iOS devices and not playable online. Play the game on smart phone or tablets by using touch commands to train the titular ninja in preparation for his quest to rescue his missing companion Kira.

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"Clumsy Ninja" features a freeplay training mode and a story mode, each of which uses the same controls. The goal of the game is to level up the ninja main character by challenging him with various interactive items. For example, you can throw different weapons at the ninja to level up his dodging skills or place him on a trampoline to increase his skills in motion and agility. As you level up the ninja, he is able to take new challenges and learn various special moves to impress his teacher. The base game contains several free items to use in the training sessions, but also offers a wide range of items and costume for purchase with actual funds.

The adventure mode consists of different mini-games and challenges that require different skills and player input to overcome. Challenges occur in different locations and involve various characters. The game uses the Euphoria simulation technology to illicit realistic responses from the ninja character and enhance the uniqueness of the player experience.

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