Where Can I Play "Cluedo" Online?

The online emulator website Game-Oldies offers Clue for Sega Genesis that may be played for free in the Web browser. This 1992 console game is based on the original Cluedo board game.

Hasbro, as the owner of the Clue/Cluedo trademark, has not released any official online applications for Cluedo. The online emulator Games-Oldies allows users to play the Sega Genesis release of the board game tie-in rather than a version of the game specifically meant for online play. The rules for this console game are the same as that of the classic board game. While players may not be able to play with others across the Internet, this emulation does allow up to six players, with an option to have the computer control any number of opponents. On the other hand, with a relatively large amount of work, Cluedo could be ported to the Steam application Tabletop Simulator, which is used to play with other players online.