Where Can You Play Claw Machine Games?


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You can play online claw machine games at AddictingGames.com, GamesBox.com or FlashArcadeGamesSite.com. As of 2015, there are also some claw games available for Android devices from the Google Play store.

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"Toy Claw Machine" on GamesBox.com allows the player to use the left and right arrow keys on the keyboard to control the movements of the claw. To grab a prize with the claw, the player presses the down arrow key. "Toy Claw Machine" also lets players view the prizes they have collected and change the appearance of the claw machine.

In "The Claw Game," on Addicting Games, players control a moving claw mechanism at the top of the screen, using the claw to capture enemies that move horizontally across the play area. At the same time, flashlights travel across the middle area of the screen. If the player hits a flashlight with the claw, it electrocutes the device, and the player loses points. This game uses the arrow keys for movement and the space bar to lower the claw.

In "Get The Toy," on FlashArcadeGamesSite.com, the claw moves across the playing field automatically. Players use the space bar to lower the claw. The goal of this game is to capture the toy shown in the image and avoid capturing any of the other toys in the playing field.

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