How Can You Play the Classic Ninja Gaiden Games on the Xbox?


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Players can enjoy the first three classic "Ninja Gaiden" games on the Xbox when they obtain a copy of “Ninja Gaiden” and change the text and subtitles to Japanese. Doing this unlocks the original three Nintendo Entertainment System games, which are hidden on the disc, under the Japanese name for the series, "Ninja Ryukenden."

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“Ninja Gaiden” was released in March 2004 as an Xbox exclusive. The game takes place in a third-person perspective and requires players to utilize a number of different ninja skills and weapons to take down waves of enemies. While this game was originally an Xbox exclusive, it was ported to the PlayStation 3 in June 2007 with updated graphics under the name “Ninja Gaiden Sigma.”

“Ninja Gaiden” explains the back story to the series protagonist, Ryu Hayabusa. During the game, players soon learn that Ryu is seeking revenge for his clan after they were brutally massacred at the hands of the Vigor Empire.

The game featured online contests via Xbox Live. Tecmo and Microsoft held a series of three online contests under the name The Master Ninja Tournaments in North America, Japan and Europe. The winner of the tournament was the person who had the highest possible score. Depending on the tournament, players had between 14 and 24 days to submit their scores to the online scoreboard.

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