Can You Play Chip's Challenge Online?

The classic Atari Lynx game, Chip's Challenge, can be played online using the emulator site webccgame , as well as being available in app form for smartphones or tablets. Designed and programmed by Chuck Somerville, the game was first released in 1989. Chip's Challenge eventually appeared on all the major gaming platforms of the time, including the Amiga and ZX Spectrum.

A Retro Classic

Chip's Challenge follows the adventures of computer geek Chip McCallahan, who is desperate to enter the inner circle of Melinda's high school Bit Buster Club. In order to achieve this, Chip must navigate increasingly fiendish tile-based levels packed with puzzles to solve and monsters to dodge, while seeking out the chips that will allow him to exit each level. The original game featured 149 levels in total, which increase in difficulty the further Chip gets. The online emulator version contains all the original levels. Owners of the original Windows version of the game can play it on modern computers using the Dosbox program.

Game creator Chuck Somerville also released a spiritual successor to the original game in 2014, called Chuck's Challenge. Taking inspiration from Chip's Challenge and the unreleased sequel, Chuck's Challenge is available on Mac, Linux and Windows through Steam, as well as on Android devices.