How Can You Play "Candy Crush" for Free?


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It's possible to play "Candy Crush" for free by not purchasing the virtual items that make playing it easier. Additionally, users can wait for new lives rather than paying for them. Gamers can get free lives faster by altering the time on their smartphones.

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Most of the "Candy Crush" features are free, but users can purchase additional items such as boosters and extra lives. To continue playing the game for free, they can avoid these items. When users run out of lives they can wait 30 minutes for a new one. Sometimes, users receive boosters for free.

An alternative to waiting for lives is to alter a smartphone clock to convince the game that more time has passed. To do this, users should access their phone's internal clock and fast forward the time 2 1/2 hours to replenish the lives. "Candy Crush" detects the change in time and adds in more lives accordingly. To do this on an iPhone, users need to alter their settings so that the time doesn't update automatically, then they can manually adjust the time. Android users can head to their phone's settings, select date and time, uncheck automatic date and time, and then enter the time they need. This option isn't available to those who play through Facebook on their computers.

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