Where Can You Play Basic "Solitaire" Online?


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Some places to play basic “Solitaire” online are Solitaire-CardGame.com, Solitr.com and Games.com. These websites allow users to play an unlimited number of games of “Solitaire” for free.

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Solitaire-CardGame.com is a simple website allowing people to play “Solitaire.” It also includes detailed instructions on the same page. Solitr.com not only has an easy and hard version of “Klondike Solitaire,” but it also offers “Spider Solitaire.” This includes one-, two- and four-suite “Solitaire,” which are easy, medium and hard versions respectively. Clicking on Select Game at the top of the page allows access other versions.

Games.com not only offers “Solitaire” but offers other popular card games, including “Freecell” and “Poker.” There are also chat rooms for each game the website offers.

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