Where Can I Play "Angry Birds" Online?

can-play-angry-birds-online Credit: Getty Images/Getty Images News/Getty Images

"Angry Birds" can be played online by visiting the game's website. As of August 2014, two online games are available: "Angry Birds Chrome" and "Angry Birds Friends on Facebook."

"Angry Birds" features crisp, colorful graphics and arcade-style game play. Players use a virtual slingshot to catapult birds towards objects in the game scene, ultimately attempting to fulfill an objective and advance to a new scene. More advanced levels within the games include additional types of birds with unique capabilities.

As of August 2014, the two free online games represent a subset of the "Angry Birds" game offerings. Ten "Angry Birds" games with themes such as "Angry Birds Rio" and "Angry Birds Star Wars" are available for players to buy and use on home computers or portable devices.