Where Can I Play "3D Space Cadet Pinball" Online?

The game “3D Space Cadet Pinball” is available on game sites such as Soft 32. It is available free for computers running Windows 98 and up.

The game originally came bundled with some versions of Windows, such as Windows 2000 and the 32-bit version of Windows XP. The game is a simple approach to virtual pinball machines. The player can control the two bumpers at the bottom of the screen. The objective is to rack up points by hitting the ball and keeping it from falling below. The version available on Soft 32 is an updated port to more recent operating systems like Windows 7. The game was no longer supported by Microsoft after Windows Vista, so this new version makes it playable for people who don't have old versions of Windows on their computers. “Space Cadet Pinball” has a resolution of 640x480. The pinball game also has special missions such as hitting a wormhole. The lights on the game light up during different times where points are scored.

The game is based on an older game called “Full Tilt! Pinball.” The soundtracks from “Space Cadet” are based on the original music in the “Full Tilt” game, though not all of the tracks are copied.