How Can You Plan Some Fun Games for a Girl's Birthday Party?


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For a younger girl's birthday party, you can have the girls make edible jewelry using red licorice strings, Fruit Loops, Lifesavers, sugar cookies and gummy Lifesavers. For a tween's birthday party, you can play foil fashion makeover. The girls are given only aluminum foil to make a fashionable outfit.

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How Can You Plan Some Fun Games for a Girl's Birthday Party?
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Another fun party game for any girl's party is truth or dare. To play this have two containers, one labeled "truth", one labeled "dare." First, a girl picks from the "truth" container, and she can choose to answer the question or not. If she chooses not to answer it, she replaces the question without revealing it and has to pick from the "dare" container. She has to perform the dare.

The blind makeover game can also be played by girls of most ages. In this game, one girl gets a makeover while her friend does her makeup blindfolded.

Toilet paper share is another game that is fun for girls of all ages. In this game, a roll of toilet paper is passed around, but nobody is to know why. Each girl is just told to tear off as many squares as they like. Once finished, the girls have to share one thing about themselves for each square that they tore off.

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