Where Can You Find Pinewood Derby Car Designs?


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Shoppers can find pinewood derby car plans for sale at the Derby Monkey Garage and Pinewood Pro websites, as of 2015. Derby Monkey Garage also offers an assortment of free plans for many different car designs.

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Where Can You Find Pinewood Derby Car Designs?
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Pinewood derby car fans can visit Derby Monkey Garage and access its selection of free plans for download. Downloading the plans gives users a PDF file that outlines all of the components and tools necessary for completing the project. The plans also contain images that show how to properly cut the pinewood block to match the body style desired for the race vehicle. Each set of plans shows where to cut holes for weights and insert the standard Boy Scouts of America wheels. The company also sells premium plans directly to consumers through the website, along with many of the parts and tools needed for car construction.

Pinewood Pro carries a wide selection of plans and parts for pinewood derby cars, and the company's website offers car speed simulators and other tools to help users determine which plans best fit their needs. Speed test results compare common components to help shoppers make informed buying decisions, and the website simplifies the process of ordering a customized selection of parts and tools.

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