Where Can You Find Photos of Log Homes?

Find photos of log homes at SouthlandLogHomes.com and GoldenEagleLogHomes.com. Southland Log Homes is a designer and manufacturer of log homes, and its website features comprehensive photo galleries of both exteriors and interiors.

On the Southland site, search by size, number of bedrooms and baths, style, and most popular model. Each category features a wide variety of photos that include square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, and building plan details. SouthlandLogHomes.com also hosts a custom design tool that enables consumers to draw and design their own log homes and submit the plans for pricing.

GoldenEagleLogHomes.com also hosts a variety of log homes, each with a photo gallery of the exterior and interior. Golden Eagle is a family-owned Wisconsin-based business that specializes in log home construction. The company produces over 130 homes each year as of 2015. Visitors GoldenEagleLogHomes.com to access information on the typical process, tour model homes, view a video gallery, ask a question, and browse through customer testimonials.