How Can You Take Photographs of Deer?


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To take photographs of deer, get a good digital camera, and go to an area with plenty of deer activity. Move slowly and quietly to find deer. For a quality photograph, make sure at least one of the deer's eyes is in focus.

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The digital camera should be at least five megapixels and ideally a DSLR or a mirrorless-type camera. A telephoto lens is also important to take pictures from farther away, as it's difficult to get close to deer.

National parks are one place to go to photograph deer. Avoid showering beforehand, as deer are able to smell cleaning products. It's important to be slow and quiet, because fast movements and noise both startle deer. This is especially important when deer are nearby. If a deer becomes cautious, try calmly moving away to relax it.

People look other people and animals in the eyes out of instinct, so a deer photograph with blurry eyes is disconcerting. To avoid this, the photograph must have one or both of the primary deer's eyes in focus.

Fall is usually the best season for deer photographs, as their coats are in the best condition. Early evening around sunset tends to be a good time to photograph deer, as this is when they're most active and the conditions add dramatic lighting.

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