How Can a Person Sew Bed Comforters?


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To sew bed comforters, either hand sew or use a heavy-duty sewing machine. Use quilting needles and thread for lasting results.

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Use quilting and upholstery supplies when sewing bed comforters. This applies whether the sewing is being done to make a comforter from scratch, or to patch a damaged comforter. If hand sewing, pin everything in place and use a blind or hidden stitch to sew the comforter pieces together. Machine sewing requires a few extra steps:

Step 1: Set up the machine

Install a quilting needle and a walking foot on the machine. The special foot allows thick fabric to pass under the needle without bunching up and breaking the needle.

Step 2: Pin pieces together

Use quilting pins with large, easy to grasp heads, and place them so that the pin heads are all facing the same way.

Step 3: Sew the comforter

Line up the needle so it will pass over the fabric to form the desired seam-line. Lower the sewing machine's foot so it holds the fabric in place. Begin to sew, maintaining a slow and steady pace. Pull out the quilting pins before they pass under the foot and needle, because a needle hitting a pin can damage the sewing machine or tear the fabric being sewn.

Step 4: Add finishing touches

Cut off thread ends and stitch together any areas of the comforter where the batting shows by using binding or sewing layers of fabric together.

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