How Can a Person Select Party Games for Large Groups?


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The best party games for large groups tend to not limit the number of participants, and work best when there are many guests. Many of them focus on breaking the ice and getting conversations between people started.

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Some great ideas for party games for large groups include:

  • White Elephant gift exchange: this game is a classic at holiday office parties, and encourages group conversation and interaction.
  • "Who Am I?" requires each person to have a sticker placed on his or her forehead with the name of a famous person. He or she is then allowed to ask 20 questions that can only be answered with "Yes" or "No" of other party guests to try to figure out whose name is written on the sticker.
  • "Honey, I Love You" is a great icebreaker game in which participants try to get each other to smile by saying, "Honey, I love you, won't you give me a smile?" The respondent has to respond by saying, "Honey, I love you, but I just can't smile" with a straight face.
  • Scavenger hunts can be customized to a theme, or to appeal to the crowd attending. Scavenger hunt list items can include video footage and photos, or the players can be required to physically obtain specific items.
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