How Can a Person Print on Mugs?


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To print on mugs, write with a permanent marker or use water slide decal paper. The marker is best for printing words, and transfer paper is best for images.

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To print words on mugs, write the message with a permanent marker, put the mug in a cold oven and bring it to temperature at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for 30 minutes. Let the mug cool completely before touching it. It will not be dishwasher safe.

To print images on mugs, use a computer and inkjet printer. Start with super-clean cups, with no dust on the outside.

Step 1: Sizing

Measure the cup to determine the best size for the picture. Use the computer's photo editing software to adjust the picture's size. Print a test photo on plain paper to confirm the size came out right.

Step 2: Print the transfer image

Print the image that is going on the mug, on the shiny side of the water slide decal paper. Do not touch the image because it will smear. Shake the can of fixative and spray it on the image.

Step 3: Transfer the image

After the fixative dries, cut out the image, soak it in water till the backing peels off, and slide it onto the side of the mug. Blot, or tap it gently, then set it aside to dry. The mug will be a hand wash-only item.

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