How Can a Person Get to the Nether in Minecraft?


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In Minecraft, the Nether can only be accessed via a Nether portal. The Nether region is also referred to as Hell, and is quite similar in appearance. It is a huge cave made up of many caverns, lava lakes and fire.

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The Nether world is full of unique characters and features. There are four different mobs in this world: blazes, ghasts, magma cubes and zombie pigmen. In the Nether, lava flows twice as fast, players cannot place water and distance traveled equals eight times the distance in the main world. A few simple steps give players access to the Nether:

Step 1: Create a portal

A Nether portal is an obsidian frame with a 2x3 space in the middle. It takes 10 or 14 blocks to build. In order to mine the obsidian, a player needs to have a diamond pickaxe. To activate it, set the portal on fire with flint and steel.

Step 2: Use the portal

Move the character onto the portal and it will instantly transport to the Nether. Be sure the portal remains lit in order to return home. If the portal goes out while in the Nether, use flint and steel to relight it. To protect the portal, build a house around it after entering the Nether.

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