How Can a Person Make a Paper Camel Face Mask?

How Can a Person Make a Paper Camel Face Mask?

To make a paper camel face mask, draw a camel face on heavy paper, cut it out, cut out holes for the eyes and attach string or elastic to secure it on the head. For those who might find it difficult to draw a camel, printing out a template may make the project easier. There are only a few supplies to gather: heavy construction paper, pencil, crayons or markers, scissors and string or elastic.

  1. Draw the camel's face

    On the piece of construction paper, draw a camel's face. Be sure it is large enough to cover the face of the person that will be wearing the mask. To make this step easier, print a template and trace it onto the piece of paper.

  2. Color the camel's face

    Decorate the camel's face as desired with crayons or markers. To make it more special, use embellishments such as glitter or sequins.

  3. Cut out the mask and eye holes

    Use a pair of sharp scissors to cut out the mask from the paper. Cut out holes for the eyes.

  4. Add string or elastic

    Use the tip of a pencil to poke two holes, one on each side of the mask, approximately at ear level. Use string or elastic to secure the mask.