How Can a Person Make Open House Invitations?

How Can a Person Make Open House Invitations?

Open house invitations need to include all the pertinent information about the party's location, time, and any other information. Hosts can either print their own invitations, use pre-printed and handwritten invitations or send electronic invitations.

Pre-printed paper invitations

Hosts can pick up blank, pre-printed paper invitations in card stores and fill them out themselves. Calligraphy or other decorative handwriting helps to personalize these.

Customized paper invitations

Using computer programs designed for cards and invitations, hosts can choose designs and text and then print them on their own printers. These tend to look more professional than handwritten invitations.

Electronic invitations

Electronic invitations allow hosts to send invitations to their guests via email. These options frequently allow tracking, as well, so that hosts know when the invitations have been received and when the invitees have responded.

Wording the invitations

Hosts should keep the wording on invitations as simple as possible. Guests need information about when the party begins, ends and what, if anything, they should bring.