How Can a Person Make a Monk Costume?

Wear a long brown robe with a sash belt as the base of a monk costume. Add the rest of the accessories after finding the right robe.

The monk's robe should be loose fitting, so it flows a bit with movement, and the sleeves should be about wrist length and loosely cut. The belt worn with the robe should be a loose, wide-cut sash-style belt.

Step 1: Get the robe

The robe can be purchased or homemade, based on available time and the costume maker's sewing skill.

Step 2: Do the hair

Wear a monk wig, or shave the top, center area of the head in the traditional monk's hairstyle, which is also called a tonsure.

Step 3: Add the accessories

Put on sandals and a thick, wooden ice pop stick cross necklace.