How Can a Person Make a Homemade Fog Machine With Dry Ice?


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A person can create a homemade fog machine with a few pounds of dry ice, hot tap water and a small fan. To make more fog, use hotter water and smaller pieces of dry ice.

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Several steps are necessary to make a homemade dry ice machine.

Step 1: Fill a container with hot water

Add 5 gallons of hot water to a bucket or other container. The hotter the water, the more fog the dry ice creates.

Step 2: Add dry ice

Wearing gloves, carefully place a 5-lb. piece of dry ice into the water. Do not drop it, since this can make the water and pieces of dry ice splash.

Step 3: Turn on a small fan

Use a small fan set to the lowest speed to move the fog around the room.

Use fog machines and dry ice in a well-ventilated area. Dry ice releases carbon dioxide, which can be dangerous when it builds up in an enclosed room. Replenish the hot water as it cools to allow the homemade fog machine to continue producing fog.

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