How Can a Person Make a Clown Costume?

How Can a Person Make a Clown Costume?

To make a clown costume, be imaginative with wild colors, oversized clothing- and colorful makeup. Either make the clothing from a pattern, or use mismatched clothing.

There are many kinds of clowns, and almost any garment can be turned into part of a clown costume. Start with a base outfit, like a sweatsuit, then add details to complete the costume.

Step 1: Decorate the Base Garments

Use bright fabric paint to make shapes and designs all over the sweatsuit, or layer oversized, colorful clothing without painting the base garments.

Step 2: Embellish the Costume

Stuff props like balloons inside the big clothes. Add oversized shoes, a colorful wig and a bright party hat.

Step 3: Add Face Paint

Finish the costume with clown white face paint and colorful shapes drawn on the face.