How Can a Person Make a Bee Costume?

To make a bee costume, apply strips of yellow tape to a black leotard, form antennae out of pipe cleaners and make wings out of hangers and plastic bags. For a fun and unique twist, apply adhesive alphabet letters to transform the costume into a "spelling bee."

A bee costume is quick and easy to make. Only a few supplies are required: a black leotard and tights, black pipe cleaners, a black headband, two metal hangers, clear plastic grocery bags, Velcro and yellow tape.

Step 1: Make the body

It will be easier to apply the yellow tape to the black leotard if the person is wearing it. Use the yellow tape to make stripes on the black leotard, both in the front and the back. Do not put tape on the sleeves or black tights.

Step 2: Make the antennae

Twist the ends of two black pipe cleaners around the headband. Secure with a drop of hot glue. To add some color, wrap pieces of yellow tape around the pipe cleaners.

Step 3: Make the wings

Form the two metal hangers into the shape of wings; an elongated oval shape works well. Use the plastic bags to cover the hangers. Apply a bead of hot glue on the opening to secure the bag. Attach the wings to the leotard with a piece of yellow tape.