How Can a Person Make a Baby Doll Crib?


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A baby doll crib can be made simply and cheaply by covering a shoe box lid with fabric and filling it with a fabric-covered foam mattress. This can make the perfect addition to a doll's house, or simply be a place for children to lay their favorite toys down to sleep.

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Required for this project are a shoebox lid, an ample supply of fabric, some broederie anglaise trim, soft foam (of at least the size of the shoe box lid) and some polyester toy stuffing.

Step 1: Cover the lid

Cut enough fabric to cover the whole topside of the lid, including the sides. Pin the corners down, miter, then stitch and trim the seam allowances. Sew the broderie anglaise trim around the bottom edges of the lid's sides for a decorative finish.

Step 2: Create the mattress

Cut a rectangular piece of the foam to sit squarely atop the box lid bed frame. Next, cut enough fabric to wrap around the foam. The corners should be mitered, as per the base of the bed, and the edges hemmed.

Create the bedding

For the duvet, cut two rectangular pieces of fabric of slightly larger dimensions than the bed frame. Stitch these together on the inside, leaving a gap. Turn out the right way through the gap, and fill with the polyester stuffing before stitching up. Repeat on a smaller scale for the doll's pillow.

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