How Can a Person Fold a Letter Into a Heart?

How Can a Person Fold a Letter Into a Heart?

A letter can be folded into a heart using an origami technique. A rectangular piece of paper may be used as the starting point.

Origami is the traditional Japanese art of paper folding. The shapes can be simple or intricate, with the crane being perhaps the most well-known origami sculpture shape. The shapes are created through folding only, since traditional origami art does not include cuts or glue of any kind.

Step 1: Create a horizontal fold

Hold the paper with the short edges on the sides, and the long edges on the top and bottom. Fold one-third of the way up from the bottom, creating a fold along the long bottom edge.

Step 2: Create the diagonal folds

Take the bottom corners and fold the paper up so that the bottom edges meet in the middle, in a vertical line.

Step 3: Make the heart shape

Flip the shape over. The overhang at the top will have four corners: one on each side, and two in the middle. Fold the corners over toward the front, creating a heart shape. Then, fold the two corners on the top sides of the heart, making the shape less pointy. Turn the shape over, and decorate as desired.