How Can a Person Get Celebi in Pokemon Leaf Green?

Although there is no way to acquire Celebi on the Leaf Green version of Pokemon, players can get Celebi by either using an Action Replay in order to input a relevant cheat code, or by catching the Pokemon in Pokemon Crystal and trading it to their Leaf Green version. Both methods have their challenges, since Celebi is solely designed to appear in Pokemon Crystal.

Action Replay

Users can purchase the third-party tool, the Action Replay, in order to input one of many game-altering codes. Players can plug the device into the cartridge slot of their handheld, then replace the device with the game when prompted and enter the preferred code. Players should note that codes are not guaranteed, and that gamers report varying degrees of success with the multitude of codes available that attempt to input Celebi into a user's account.

Trading From Pokemon Crystal

Celebi is the guardian of Ilex forest in Pokemon Crystal. Players can catch Celebi from the wild with an event activated by the GS ball. Once captured, Celebi can be traded over Wi-Fi to a player's Leaf Green edition. Players should note that unlike most other Pokemon, Celebi cannot be traded over the Global Trade Station.