Where Can You Find Perler Bead Patterns?


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Craft stores such as Michael's and Jo-Ann Crafts sell Perler beads as well as additional patterns for them. There are also many websites that offer Perler patterns for popular characters from TV, movies, and video games.

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The Perler patterns that the craft stores sell tend to be of the generic seasonal, shape or animal variety. They are usually a basic shape that allows you to change the colors to your liking. Some kits also have a square or round pegboard that allows you to make your own patterns.

The patterns found on websites tend to be more elaborate. They often are patterns for specific characters or items. Some require particular colors or need to be a certain size. Many of the designs are flat, two-dimensional images, but a few are designed to be more three-dimensional.

The three-dimensional projects will often require more than just the basic Perler beads and a hot iron. Some require a needle and thread to help keep the shape, or they need the help of twist ties or other items to secure them together.

Some websites even allow you to make your own designs. Adjust the size, use the colors you like, make the pattern you like and then print it out.

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