How Can Percale Material Be Used?


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Percale material is typically used for bed linens like sheets but may also be made into clothing or used for some industrial purposes, as the fabric is a plain weave and considered easy to sew. Percale material is the type of weave used in a fabric, rather than a type of fabric.

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A fabric with percale weave typically has a thread count of 180 or higher and is of medium weight. This type of fabric is constructed of various types of fibers, such as polyester, cotton and fiber blends. Percale washes well and is a solid fabric with no gloss, offering a weave that is tighter than many types of linen fabrics. The fabric is very soft and constructed of combed yarn, resulting in a very comfortable feel. This type of plain weave fabric is made by interweaving two threads, making it a very simple weave.

Some issues that can occur with plain weave fabric include wrinkling, easy tearing or poor elasticity. Some types of plain weave fabrics can also shrink or wrinkle easily. The recommended type of thread to use when sewing with a percale weave fabric is all-purpose cotton, polyester. A blend of cotton and polyester is ideal for stitching. The layout should be double layer with the right sides of the fabric together.

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