How Can You Pepper Your Photos With a Watermark?


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To add a watermark to your photos, first decide what design you want to use as a signature, such as a copyright symbol with your name and the year or a personalized image that is readable even when it is shrunk down to fit the corner of a small photo. Next, choose a photo editing program that has watermarking capabilities.

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Many photo editing programs provide the ability to watermark a photo. Because each one has particular instructions, use the help section of the software or find an instructional video tailored to the program you use. If you do not already have photo editing software, research several online with watermarking capabilities and price your options compared to your editing needs. Some programs are downloadable straight from the Internet, while others require a disk drive to install. Once you have edited your photo in the program, add your watermark in a position that does not compromise the photo quality.

Many photo editing programs offer a variety of ways to display your watermark. Customize the watermark using opacity settings that range from invisible or translucent to solid. Consider a 50-percent tint that makes the watermark barely visible, allowing it to blend into any photo. The color and shape are interchangeable for each photo.

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