Where Can You Find Free Patterns From Lion Brand Yarn?

can-patterns-lion-brand-yarn Credit: Jakab Imr�n� / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

Lion Brand yarn has a full index of free patterns available online. One the homepage, lionbrand.com, there is a tab titled "Patterns." By hovering over that tab, a list of various pattern categories appears, one of which is "Free Patterns." After clicking on the link for free patterns, new categories are listed for pattern types.

Listed under free crochet patterns are the categories patterns for preemies, babies/infants and toddlers, patterns for children, teens, adults, pets and the home. Knitting patterns have the same categories of patterns with the addition of a link for sports patterns. There are also links for all free craft patterns listed.

Clicking on those links opens up lists of patterns, with listings of skill level, yarn and sizes, helping to pick out patterns that feel appropriate to the person following the pattern. Skill levels range from beginner to advanced. Additionally, there is the option to search for patterns on the website with the search engine found on the webpage.

Patterns available include hats, scarves, jackets, cowls and cases for phones and eyeglasses. In order to access the patterns, a login is required. Creating a user name and password, and entering a valid email address is all that is needed for membership.