Where Can You Find a Pattern for a Crochet Nylon Net Scrubber?

Many websites offer free patterns for crocheted nylon net scrubbers, also known as “scrubbies,” including Ravelry.com, Craftsy.com, MotherEarthNews.com and MakingOurSustainableLife.com. Etsy.com has a selection of crocheted scrubbie patterns for sale, as well as nylon net materials to create them.

The most common patterns are for circular scrubbers. Mother Earth News lists instructions for creating round scrubbies in two sizes, while Making Our Sustainable Life has a free pattern for flat, circular scrubbies. Ravelry has several patterns for round nylon net scrubbers, including one for an oversized scrubber with a two-tone swirl pattern and another for a smaller scrubber decorated with stripes. Craftsy.com has a list of free crochet patterns for scrubbers in several different shapes, including rounds, flowers, square pads and leaves.