Where Can You Find a Pattern for Building a Quilting Frame?

Patterns for building a quilt frame are outlined on MotherEarthNews.com, Sewing-Solutions.com and Joann.com. Though frames differ in size and construction material, the primary purpose remains to keep the quilt taut and flat while working on it.

MotherEarthNews.com details plans for two types of quilt frames, a temporary simple frame and a more permanent one with free-standing legs for increased sturdiness. For those who frequently make quilts, the second choice is best. The site lists necessary supplies and step-by-step instructions for these patterns.

Sewing-Solutions.com has directions for an old-fashioned wooden quilt frame. The site features recommended measurements and detailed instructions.

Joann.com has a quilt frame kit using PVC plastic instead of wood. The frame is adjustable, and the kit comes with all necessary materials and assembly instructions.