How Can a Patch Be Sewn by Hand?

To sew a patch by hand requires the person to make small, even stitches on the outside of a patch onto a garment using a thread and needle. If a person is mending a piece of clothing with a patch, the same materials are required; however, the sewing should be performed on the inside of the garment as opposed to the outside.

Sewing an embroidery patch and mending clothing are somewhat different. For sewing an embroidery patch, a strong needle is required so that it can easily get through the material. Because of this, a thimble is a good idea to help prevent hurting the fingers or thumb.

Sewing a patch on the outside of a garment requires the thread to be an exact match so that the thread cannot be seen from the outside. The stitches should begin from the inside with a small knot and continue on the outside of the garment, on the edge of the patch, until the patch has been completely affixed. Patches can also be attached to the outside of a garment with a spray adhesive.

For mending clothing, the patch should be attached with pins on the inside of the garment, with an overlap. The same procedure should be followed, with a knot and small, even stitches. Once the patch has been sewn on the inside corners, it should be sewn on the outside corners to completely cover the area.