Where Can You Find Paper Craft Patterns for Minecraft Characters?


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Papercraft characters from Minecraft are found on a website called PixelPapercraft.com, which contains papercrafts of many known Minecraft characters and creatures. This website has individual listings for each different category, and they use in-game art assets in order to create the papercrafts.

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PixelPapercraft.com has a search engine built-in that allows for narrowing down search results. For instance, it is possible to narrow down results to locate dozens of versions of Steve, the default skin for characters in Minecraft and the iconic look of the Minecraft character found in most media. Bendable and action figure versions are both available, as well as versions of Steve found in all the different kinds of armor and wielding all the different kinds of swords. Some alternatives available are Herobrine, as well as papercrafts of characters from other franchises in the shape of a Minecraft character model.

In addition to character model papercrafts, various other aspects of the game are also found on PixelPapercraft.com, such as user interface references and well-known items. Papercraft torches and hunger bar icons are available, as well as the Dragon Egg, the Armor Stand and many other more complicated objects in the game. Blocks are found on this website, which are simple six-sided cubes in most cases, as per the graphical aesthetic found within the game.

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