How Can You Paint a Barn Quilt?


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To paint a barn quilt, create a design featuring geometric shapes, and use painter's tape to section off each shape, and paint them. You need a large, square piece of plywood, house paint, paint brushes, painter's tape, a straight edge and a pencil.

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  1. Create the design

    Design a pattern, or search the Internet for a pattern to use. If the plywood is unpainted, use a paint roller and primer to paint a base layer. Use the straight edge and pencil to transfer the design to the plywood.

  2. Prepare the design

    Use the pencil to label each individual shape with the color that you would like to paint it. Lay painter's tape along each pencil line to section off the shapes that you would like to apply the first color to.

  3. Paint the design

    Use the paint brush and house paint to paint the first set of shapes. Remove the tape, and allow to dry. Continue to section off individual group of shapes, and paint them afterward. Rinse the brush after each color is painted if you do not have more than one paint brush.

  4. Prepare the plywood for hanging

    Cut two 1-inch by 1-inch pieces of wood. Cut them in a way in which they are 1 inch shorter than the length of the plywood on either side. Attach them to the back of the plywood so that they hang vertically. Attach D-ring wall hangers to the top of each piece of wood.

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