How Can You Find Out the Value of Old Comic Books?


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A few ways collectors can determine the values of their comic books are by getting them graded, checking online price guides and visiting online auction sites to compare prices. The value of a comic book is directly related to how much someone is willing to pay for it.

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Comic book grading by companies such as CGC is a highly regarded way to find the value of comic books. Graders look for creases and tears in the front cover, yellowed or faded pages and missing coupons. While the condition of the comic is important, the grader also takes into account the rarity of the book itself.

Although online price guides do not give collectors as accurate of a value as graders do, they still provide collectors with some idea of what their comic books are worth. These sites generally give users a price range based on certain criteria, such as comic book condition and issue.

Auction sites such as eBay are another quick way to get the value of comic books. However, because not all comic books sell for their actual value, auction sites provide collectors with a less clear idea of how much their comics are really worth. Checking the final selling price rather than the initial asking price is a better way to gauge the value of comic books on auction sites.

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