How Can You Find Out If an Avon Item Is a Collectible?

To find out if an Avon item is a collectible, identify the specific model of the product, and look for the Avon Fine Collectible logo to determine the authenticity of the item. Use Avon collector's guides, and seek the advice of antiques appraisers to help identify Avon collectibles without the logo.

The most accurate way to tell if an item is a genuine collectible is to identify the Avon logo, but in some cases, this maker's mark does not appear on the item. This is the case for pieces in the Precious Moments and Cherished Teddies collections. Avon partnered with other companies to produce these items, so the Avon logo does not appear on them directly. If possible, examine the original packaging of the item, which should say that the item was manufactured exclusively for Avon. Many Avon collectibles come with a certificate of Avon authenticity, so check the packaging for this documentation as well.

Contact the National Association of Avon Collectors to help you identify collectibles. The group has chapters both in the United States and abroad that offer information on specific Avon products.

Use Avon collector's guides such as "Bud Hastin's Avon Collector's Encyclopedia 18th Edition" to compare over 6,000 pictures of Avon collectibles. Another reference book is the "Kovel's Yellow Pages" collector's directory which provides names, addresses, telephone numbers and Internet addresses for over 3,000 antique suppliers and auction sources.