How Can an Origami Ball Be Made?


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An origami ball can be made by placing a piece of square paper face-up and folding it to where there is a total of eight lines throughout the paper, in a star pattern. These lines can then be bent, folded and moved over to create the shape of the ball. The origami ball project is a popular one, but does require some origami skills.

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The pre-folded piece of paper can then be folded into a triangular shape. This is known as the "water balloon base" in origami. The corners will then be folded up to create a diamond shape. Each of the corners on the diamond will then be folded into the center. A finger can be used to create a pocket in one of the corners and a flap from the diamond can be inserted into the pocket. Each of the flaps that are on the diamond shape can then be tucked into the remaining pockets that are slightly stretched out with the fingers. This will create a nearly cylindrical shape. The shape can then be pushed inward and outward to obtain air on the inside. After forming the flaps, the shape will turn into an origami ball.

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