Where Can You Find the Best Online Prices for Minecraft DS Games?

Minecraft is not officially available on the Nintendo DS or any other Nintendo platform as of 2015. There is an unofficial version of Minecraft that requires modification to the DS, and is not available to purchase.

Minecraft is available on a variety of other platforms. In addition to the original PC/Mac version, Minecraft is available on Xbox One, Xbox 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita. Gamers have the option to buy the disc from a retailer or purchase from the Playstation Store or XBLA Arcade. Minecraft is available on most iOS devices, Android, Windows Phone and Amazon's Kindle Fire.

Minecraft is slightly different on phones and tablets, sold as Minecraft: Pocket Edition. On mobile versions, the game worlds are noticeably smaller, and multiplayer is not fully functional, only allowing local multiplayer with three other people on the same network. There are no villagers and no animals to tame, and many items are missing from the Pocket Edition. Also, the interface is vastly different, though user-friendly with responsive touch controls. Lastly, mods are unavailable in Minecraft: Pocket Edition.

Xbox and Playstation platforms from the previous generation allow the transfer of saves to a current-generation console. Also, Gamestop offers a $5 upgrade from Xbox 360 to Xbox One.