How Can One Make Pipe Cleaner People?


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It is possible to use pipe cleaners to make human figures of varying detail, from a simple stick figure made of a single pipe cleaner with no detail to a more detailed human figure with pipe cleaner clothing and facial features such as eyes and a mouth made out of additional materials. The simpler figures will typically require no material in addition to pipe cleaners, but the more advanced figures will require additional materials, such as scissors, adhesive and accessories, such as googly eyes and felt or paper for features, such as lips. Pipe cleaner people that are large enough may also be dressed in doll clothes, if desired.

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Specific instructions for making pipe cleaner people depend on the exact type of figure desired. However, whether a simple or more complex figure is desired, crafters can expect to use their hands to work with the pipe cleaners, bending and twisting the material to achieve the desired shape of human features such as a head, body, arms, hands, legs and feet. If the crafter wishes for the pipe cleaner person to stand autonomously, he or she may need to attach the figure to a base or make the figure's feet large and sturdy enough to serve as a foundation.

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