How Can One Make a Ladybug Costume?


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A homemade ladybug costume takes black tulle, red tulle, a red sweatshirt, black felt, black pipe cleaners and a black headband. The ladybug's skirt is created out of the black and red tulle. Black felt circles glued onto the red sweatshirt forms the body.

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A handmade ladybug costume is a quick and easy project that can be completed in just a few hours. As with any project, one should gather the supplies before starting.

  • red sweatshirt
  • 1/4 yard black felt
  • 4 yards red tulle
  • 2 yards black tulle
  • 1-inch wide black elastic band
  • black pipe cleaners
  • black headband

Cut and sew spots

The person making the costume first needs to wash the sweatshirt. While it is washing, he or she should cut out black circles from the felt. Once the sweatshirt is clean and dry, randomly sew the black circles onto the shirt and set it aside.

Make the tutu

Measure the child's waist and cut a length of black elastic the same length and set aside. The next step is to cut the red tulle into pieces that are 10 inches long, and the black tulle into 8-inch long pieces. Line up eight layers of red tulle on two layers of black and sew onto the elastic band. Continue in this fashion until all the tulle has been sewn onto the elastic.

Make the antennae

Wrap one end of a black pipe cleaner around the headband and secure with a drop of hot glue. Repeat with the second pipe cleaner.

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