How Can One Make a Jigsaw Puzzle?


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To make a jigsaw puzzle, simply glue a picture onto backing, then cut it into pieces of various shapes. The backing medium can be heavy cardboard, foam or balsa wood.

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A handmade jigsaw puzzle could make a good holiday or birthday gift. Make it with larger pieces for young children or smaller, more intricate pieces for adults.

Step 1: Choose the picture

Any type of picture will work with a jigsaw puzzle. Some ideas are a family photograph, a montage of a family vacation or a famous landmark. Print the picture to the desired size of the puzzle. Be sure to make two copies of the picture, so one can be used as a reference when putting the puzzle together.

Step 2: Choose the backing material

One of the easiest backing materials is heavy cardboard. Foam works well for younger children while balsa wood is a durable choice.

Step 3: Apply the picture to the backing

Use a dry glue spray to mount the picture to the backing. This type of glue ensures the picture sticks well without bubbling or wrinkling.

Step 4: Cut the puzzle pieces

Turn the puzzle over so the picture is face down. Use a ruler and a pencil to mark out a grid of squares. Add corners and shapes to the squares and use a utility knife to cut them out. Alternately, one can also use a preprinted template of puzzle pieces.

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