How Can One Make a Homemade Disney Belle Costume?


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To make a Belle costume,start with a floor-length yellow or gold dress with a full skirt, which you can purchase new or used. Using lengths of matching fabric, add gathered tiers to the dress to mimic Belle's grand ball gown. Add a sparkling brooch to the front of the dress to complete the look.

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  1. Choose a dress

    Find a bright yellow or gold dress with a floor-length full skirt. To get the closest match to Belle's ball gown, choose a dress in a satin fabric.

  2. Gather fabric supplies

    For an adult costume, buy 10 yards of fabric to match the dress. For a child's costume, buy 6 yards. Choose satin fabric for a shinier look or tulle fabric to create a fuller skirt.

  3. Cut the fabric and sew gathering lines

    Cut your fabric yardage in half on the fold line. Measure around the hem of your dress and cut a length of fabric that is approximately 3-feet longer than the circumference of the hem for an adult costume and 1.5-feet longer for a child's costume. At 2-foot intervals (or 1-foot intervals for a child's costume), sew vertical lines across the short length of the fabric using a long gathering stitch.

  4. Gather the ruffle

    Tie a knot in one end of the gathering threads at each stitching line. Pull the other end and allow the fabric to gather along the thread. Tie off the top threads. This causes the rest of the fabric to drape between the gathers.

  5. Sew the ruffles

    Pin the gathered length of fabric to your dress so the bottom edges sweep the floor. Sew the ruffle in place.

  6. Add additional ruffles

    Repeat steps 3 through 5, moving progressively up the skirt to create tiers. Allow each ruffled layer to overlap the one below, hiding the seams. The last ruffle should start at the waist of the dress.

  7. Add finishing touches

    Pin a sparkling brooch to the neckline of the dress to add sparkle. If your seams at the waistline are unsightly, add a satin belt for coverage and waist definition. Put a tulle petticoat under the skirt to add fullness. For a finishing touch, wear a tiara and full-length white satin gloves.

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