How Can One Make a Cone Out of Paper?


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Paper cones can be fashioned using one of two methods: one method starts with a semicircular piece of paper that is then bent into a cone, and the other method starts with a diamond-shaped piece of paper that is rolled into a cone. Both techniques require the use of paper, scissors, a ruler, a pencil and some sort of adhesive such as tape or glue or a fastener such as a stapler. Those who choose to make a cone using the semicircle template technique may need to use a compass to draw an even half-circle, while those who choose to use the diamond technique may need to measure the diamond's sides to ensure an even cut.

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Method 1:To bend a semicircle into a cone, the flat side of the semicircle should be kept flat to form the base of the cone; the two corners of the semicircle can be brought together, with one end tucked under the other, until the desired cone size is achieved.

Method 2:To roll a diamond into a cone, the paper should be rolled along the widest side, with one end tucked under the other. Unlike the semicircular cone, the diamond cone will not have a completely flat base but rather will have one pointed side at the base.

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